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Jet Fleet Aviation LLC

Phoenix, Arizona

Rolls Royce RB-211 -535

Jet Fleet Aviation LLC - Phoenix Goodyear Airport - (480) 548-8055 - Email:

Rolls Royce RB-211 -535
Serial # 30530

18,402 TC
50,580 TT
Overhaul by Rolls Royce March 2001
Repair by Taesl Ft Worth July 2006

Hours since last Shop Visit: 2402
Cycles since last Shop Visit: 826
Time since overhaul: 16,284
Cycles since overhaul: 4770

Owners since new:
Eastern Airlines
Monarch Airlines
FLS Aerospace
My Travel
IAR (current owner)

Next scheduled limiters:
HP Turbine Disc: 42 c
LP Compressor Rotor Disc: 979 c
HP Rotor Disc Stage 3: 1355 cycles
HP Compressor Rotor Shaft: 1762 cycles
LP Turbine Shaft: 2435 cycles

Other components average approx 5500 cy

Very impressive records

Owner: IAR
Last operator: Honeywell
Mandated Sales Agent: Jet Fleet Aviation LLC

Located Phoenix, AZ

Please call for appointment to inspect engine & records.

Offered subject to prior sale or commitment, change in hours or cycles, buyer’s satisfactory pre-purchase inspection, and mutually signed sales agreement between buyer & seller, thank you.

Specifications Sheet


Offered subject to prior sale, commitment, change in hours, and mutually signed sales agreement between Buyer & Seller, thank you.

Jet Fleet Aviation LLC