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Jet Fleet Aviation LLC

Phoenix, Arizona

Sell Your Airplane

We will Buy your Airplane or Broker it.

Steve Gage, Managing Member of Jet Fleet Aviation LLC, has sold airplanes for major Banks, Leasing Companies, Airlines, Fortune 500 companies, and Private Owners for over 40 years.

Our Team has a proven track record with over 3,000 successful aircraft transactions. We are experienced with special situations, complicated, and distressed aircraft.

We carefully shepherd the details of your transaction from initial listing to closing and filing of the FAA documents.

Here's what we do for you:

  1. We position your Airplane in the marketplace to stand-out as the prime choice for buyers.

  2. We create vivid photographs and exposure for your Aircraft.

  3. We use proven print, email, and direct mail advertising, plus call our lists of buyers and prospects.

  4. We network. We utilize our prospect lists, aircraft owner data-bases, sales and ownership reports, and previous customers, buyer reps, other brokers, and lenders.

  5. We research your Aircraft’s history to highlight its best features and strongest points for buyers.

  6. We even research competing Aircraft to yours, so we can show how your airplane is a better choice than the competing Aircraft.

  7. We listen.

  8. We patiently and carefully listen to what Buyers are saying, to determine the best strategy to bring the parties together on the sale of your Airplane. We listen to what is most important to the Buyer, then we frame the benefits of your Airplane around the specific needs of a buyer.

  9. The buyer pre-buy inspection is where many deals come undone. The pre-buy inspection is necessary in today’s world as it benefits both parties for the buyer to have a third-party assessment of the Aircraft. We can then diplomatically discuss any genuinely valid possible issues found during the pre-buy, and then with professionalism, and without emotion, resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both parties. We keep everyone focused on a successful closing that works for the parties.

  10. Importantly, right up to closing, we invest the time and resources to help with any last-minute buyer issues or snafu’s. Last minute glitches can come up with the Buyer’s financing, insurance, or other critical steps and we can step in and try to quickly help solve these issues and keep the deal together.

Let’s Get Started!

We invest the time, resources, and experience to help bring a sale together for you.

Our Sales Display and Showroom are at Phoenix-Goodyear Airport (KGYR)

Please call or email: (480) 548-8055 (24 hrs.)
Emails to:

Thank you,

Steve Gage
Managing Member
Jet Fleet Aviation LLC

Jet Fleet Aviation LLC